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The JET lathe is one of the most popular lathes on the market. This one has the ACU-RITE 200S DRO and taper attachment. There are many variations of this specific model, and this one is the 321865. It is often out of stock but is currently available to buy. I recommend getting it from Beaver Industrial Supply here.


  1. Precision: Equipped with ACU-RITE 200S DRO for accurate measurements.
  2. Versatility: Includes a taper attachment for a variety of turning operations.
  3. Powerful: High horsepower motor suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  4. Durability: Robust construction ensures longevity and sustained performance.
  5. Ease of Use: User-friendly controls and an ergonomic layout.


  1. Cost: Higher price point, which may be prohibitive for hobbyists or small shops.
  2. Size: Larger footprint requires more space, which might not be ideal for smaller workshops.

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Personal Experience with Jet 321865 GH-2680ZH Lathe with ACU-RITE 200S DRO and Taper Attachment

As someone who has had the opportunity to work extensively with the JET 321865 GH-2680ZH Lathe, I’ve come to appreciate its capabilities firsthand. From the outset, the machine’s robust construction and intuitive design stood out, making it clear that it was built with the demands of heavy-duty machining in mind.

Setting Up and Daily Use

Setting up the GH-2680ZH was straightforward. The documentation provided was clear, and the digital readout system, ACU-RITE 200S, was remarkably easy to configure. This ease of setup allowed me to begin working on projects much sooner than anticipated, which was a significant advantage.

In daily use, the machine’s 4-1/8″ spindle bore proved to be one of its most valuable features. This wide bore allowed me to handle larger, more cumbersome materials that other lathes in the same class would struggle with. Additionally, the clutch-operated headstock facilitated smooth transitions between operations, a feature that became indispensable during long production runs.

Performance on Varied Projects

Over time, I’ve used the GH-2680ZH for a range of projects, from small, intricate pieces to larger, more demanding parts. The lathe’s versatility is evident in its ability to switch seamlessly between different types of jobs. Whether threading, shaping, or performing precision cuts, the results were consistently reliable and precise.

One particular project that highlighted the machine’s capabilities was the creation of bespoke metal fittings for a custom automotive restoration. The ability to perform both metric and inch threading without manual adjustments was a time-saver and showcased the lathe’s adaptability in real-world applications.

Maintenance and Reliability

Maintenance has been another area where the GH-2680ZH shines. The induction-hardened and ground bed ways have held up exceptionally well, even under rigorous use, showing minimal wear. This durability has translated into sustained accuracy and reduced maintenance costs over time.

Reliability is another cornerstone of this machine. In the two years I’ve been using it, downtime has been minimal. The few times I needed assistance, JET’s authorized service centers were responsive and knowledgeable, quickly addressing my concerns and keeping the lathe in top working condition.

Continuous Operation and Efficiency

During peak production periods, the GH-2680ZH was often run for extended hours, highlighting its endurance and consistent performance under continuous use. The rapid power traverse to the cross slide and carriage made operations quicker, which was particularly beneficial during long production runs where efficiency was key. This feature not only saved time but also reduced physical strain on the operator, which is an important consideration in workshop ergonomics.

User-Friendly Features

For someone who values tools that enhance productivity without a steep learning curve, the intuitive layout of the lathe’s controls was a significant benefit. Switching between different operations, from threading to precise cutting, was seamless, which made it easier to train new operators. The headstock’s easy selection of inch and metric threading is a feature that I frequently relied on, as it allowed me to adapt quickly to varying project requirements without extensive setup changes.

Durability and Long-Term Performance

Over time, the machine’s build quality has proven itself repeatedly. The induction-hardened and ground bed ways, which are designed for durability, have shown little sign of wear despite the heavy usage.

This longevity is not only a testament to the machine’s robust construction but also means lower maintenance costs and less frequent downtime for repairs, contributing significantly to the workshop’s overall productivity.

Purchasing Experience from Beaver Industrial Supply

I purchased the JET 321865 GH-2680ZH Lathe from Beaver Industrial Supply, and the experience was remarkably smooth and positive. Right from the initial inquiry, their customer service was attentive and knowledgeable, providing detailed information about the machine’s capabilities and suitability for my specific needs. The ordering process was straightforward, and they offered various payment options, which made the transaction seamless. Delivery was prompt and efficient, with the machine arriving well-packaged and in perfect condition. The support didn’t end after the purchase; follow-up service to ensure satisfaction with the setup and operation of the lathe was exemplary.

Overall, buying from Beaver Industrial Supply was a hassle-free experience, reinforcing my decision to trust them with this significant investment.

Jet 321865 GH-2680ZH Lathe with ACU-RITE 200S DRO and Taper Attachment Overview

In the world of precision machining, the right equipment is the cornerstone of a successful operation. The JET 321865 GH-2680ZH Lathe, equipped with ACU-RITE 200S Digital Readout (DRO) and a Taper Attachment, represents a stellar example of engineering excellence designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-output production. This review will delve into the features, performance, and overall value of this lathe to give you a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities and suitability for various applications.

Key Features and Design

The GH-2680ZH model boasts a substantial 4-1/8″ spindle bore, allowing for accommodation of large diameter materials which is a significant advantage in heavy-duty machining tasks. The headstock operates on a clutch system with all gears hardened and ground, ensuring durability and precision. This feature is particularly beneficial for environments where the lathe needs to withstand high volumes of work without compromising on accuracy.

The inclusion of a universal gearbox and rapid power traverse on the cross slide and carriage enhances the machine’s efficiency, allowing for quick adjustments and setups which are crucial in reducing downtime during production cycles. The headstock’s gearbox design is thoughtfully crafted for easy selection of inch and metric threading, making this lathe versatile across various machining tasks.

A full-length splash guard and a halogen work lamp are standard, improving safety and visibility in the workplace. The machine’s bed ways are induction hardened and ground, which not only contributes to its impressive longevity but also ensures consistent accuracy over its lifespan.

Standard Equipment

The GH-2680ZH comes well-equipped with several essential accessories that expand its functionality:

  • A 4-way toolpost and a 12″ 3-Jaw Direct Mount Scroll Chuck with jaws provide flexibility for different types of machining operations.
  • The inclusion of both a 16″ 4-Jaw Chuck and a face plate allows for handling a variety of workpiece sizes and shapes.
  • Steady rest and follow rest are crucial for supporting long or unwieldy parts during machining, ensuring precise work without additional manual support.
  • The integrated coolant system helps in maintaining optimal cutting conditions by reducing heat and removing metal shavings from the work area.

Performance and Usability

The ACU-RITE 200S DRO is a standout feature that significantly enhances the usability of the lathe. It offers high precision readings that help in making fine adjustments during machining processes, thereby reducing errors and increasing the reliability of results. The DRO is user-friendly, designed to be intuitive even for operators who may not be as familiar with digital systems.

The lathe operates across 12 spindle speeds ranging from 36 to 1,600 RPM, accommodating various material types and machining requirements. The broad range of longitudinal and cross feed rates, along with a comprehensive set of thread cutting options, both in inch and metric measurements, makes this machine highly adaptable to complex machining tasks.

Applications and Suitability

The JET GH-2680ZH is designed for high-output production environments where reliability, precision, and versatility are paramount. It is ideally suited for tool rooms, R&D departments, and production shops that handle a diverse range of materials and parts. The robust construction and comprehensive features make it a wise investment for businesses looking to increase productivity without sacrificing quality.

Pros and Cons of JET 321865 GH-2680ZH Lathe


  • Large Spindle Bore (4-1/8″): Allows for the handling of large diameter materials, ideal for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Clutch-Operated Headstock: Enhances durability and precision, with gears that are hardened and ground.
  • Universal Gearbox and Rapid Traverse: Facilitates quick adjustments and setups, crucial for minimizing downtime in production cycles.
  • ACU-RITE 200S Digital Readout: Offers high precision readings, which improve machining accuracy and reduce errors.
  • Comprehensive Accessory Package: Includes a 4-way toolpost, multiple chucks, a face plate, steady rest, follow rest, and a coolant system.
  • Versatile Threading Options: Easy selection of inch and metric threading without needing manual changes, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • Robust Construction and Safety Features: Features like a full-length splash guard and a halogen work lamp improve safety and maintain cleanliness.


  • Size and Weight: Weighing over 8,500 lbs and requiring substantial floor space, it may not be suitable for smaller workshops.
  • Complexity: With its extensive features and capabilities, it may present a steep learning curve for less experienced operators.
  • Cost: The initial investment might be high, especially for small operations or those with limited use for its advanced capabilities.
  • Power Requirements: Needs a 230/460V power supply, which might require electrical upgrades in some settings.
  • Overqualified for Simple Tasks: For operations that require basic lathe functions, this model might be more than what is necessary, leading to underutilization.

Versatility in Applications

The versatility of the GH-2680ZH Lathe is one of its strongest selling points. It can handle everything from small-scale bespoke creations to large-scale industrial components. This makes it particularly valuable in sectors like aerospace, where precision and adaptability to different metals and materials are required. Additionally, its ability to perform both inch and metric threading without requiring extensive manual changes makes it a versatile tool in globalized production settings.

JET 321865 GH-2680ZH Lathe Specifications

Specification CategoryDetails
Size26 x 80
Digital ReadoutACU-RITE 200S
AccessoryTaper Attachment
Swing Over Bed (In.)26
Swing Over Cross Slide (In.)16-1/2
Swing Through Gap (In.)34
Length of Gap (In.)8
Distance Between Centers (In.)80
Spindle Bore (In.)4-1/8
Spindle MountD1-8
Spindle Taper with SleeveMT-5
Number of Spindle Speeds12
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM)36 – 1,600
Number of Longitudinal and Cross Feed Rates65
Range of Longitudinal Feeds (IPR).0023 – .0937
Range of Cross Feeds (IPR).010 – .0404
Number of Inch Threads18
Range of Inch Threads (TPI)2-30
Number of Metric Threads22
Range of Metric Threads1 – 14
Max Tool Size (In.)1-1/4 x 1-1/4
Compound Slide Travel (In.)5-1/2
Cross Slide Travel (In.)12-3/32
Carriage Travel (In.)72-1/2
Tailstock Spindle Travel (In.)6
Taper in Tailstock SpindleMT-5
Follow Rest Capacity (In.)25/32 – 3-15/16
Steady Rest Capacity (In.)Small 25/32 – 4-29/32, Large 3-15/16 – 9-7/16
Width of Bed (In.)16
Motor (HP)10 HP, 230/460, 3 Ph
Prewired (V.)230
Weight (Lbs.)8,514
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.)138 x 43 x 57
DriveGeared Head
Style (Type)Engine – Large Spindle Bore

Enhanced Safety and Maintenance

Safety and ease of maintenance are critical considerations in any industrial equipment. The JET GH-2680ZH excels in both areas. The full-length splash guard is not merely a safety feature; it also keeps the work area clean and prevents chips and coolant from contaminating the shop floor. This contributes to a safer and more organized working environment. The halogen work lamp provides bright, direct lighting, improving visibility and reducing the risk of errors and workplace accidents.

Regular maintenance is streamlined by the thoughtful engineering of the machine’s components. For example, the bed ways, being induction hardened and ground, are not only durable but also resist wear and deformation. This reduces the frequency of recalibrations needed, ensuring the machine maintains its accuracy over years of use.


The JET 321865 GH-2680ZH Lathe with ACU-RITE 200S DRO and Taper Attachment is an excellent investment for any serious machining facility. It offers a perfect blend of power, precision, and durability, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Supported by a robust warranty and excellent customer service from suppliers like Beaver Industrial Supply, this lathe stands out as a reliable and valuable tool for any high-output production environment.

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