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  1. Precision: Extremely accurate measurements.
  2. Versatility: Includes a taper attachment for a variety of turning operations.
  3. Powerful: High horsepower motor suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  4. Durability: Robust construction ensures longevity and sustained performance.
  5. Ease of Use: User-friendly controls and an ergonomic layout.


  1. Cost: Higher price point, which may be prohibitive for hobbyists or small shops.
  2. Size: Larger footprint requires more space, which might not be ideal for smaller workshops.

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Personal Experience with Jet 321894 GH-26120ZH Lathe with Newall DP700 DRO & Taper Attachment

As someone who has been in the machining industry for over two decades, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of lathes, from older manual models to modern CNC machines. When our workshop decided to upgrade our equipment, we chose the JET 321894 GH-26120ZH, and after several months of regular use, I can confidently share my experiences and insights.

User Experience and Machine Interface

One of the first things I appreciated about the JET GH-26120ZH was its user-friendly interface, courtesy of the Newall DP700 DRO. The digital readout is a game-changer for tasks that require high precision. It eliminates much of the guesswork and constant checking that used to slow me down. The readout is clear and precise, which is crucial when you’re working on projects that demand exact measurements.

Performance and Versatility

In terms of performance, the 12 speed settings range from 36 to 1,600 RPM, which provides ample range for different materials and applications. Whether working with soft aluminum or tougher steels, I can adjust the speed quickly and easily, which is vital for maintaining productivity and meeting deadlines. The power of the 10 HP motor means I’ve never felt the machine struggle, even with larger or more demanding workpieces.

The versatility of the GH-26120ZH is another point in its favor. The lathe comes with both a 12″ 3-jaw chuck and a 16″ 4-jaw chuck, which covers almost all the needs we have for holding different types of workpieces securely. Whether I’m turning small precision parts or larger, irregularly shaped items, these chucks, combined with the steady rests, make setup and operation straightforward.

Practical Applications and Reliability

From a practical standpoint, the machine has proven itself in a variety of applications. We’ve used it for everything from simple turning operations to more complex threading and tapering tasks. The taper attachment, in particular, has been invaluable for creating tapered parts without the need for manual calculations and adjustments, which significantly speeds up production.

Reliability is a critical factor in our line of work, where downtime can be costly. The GH-26120ZH has been consistently reliable. Its heavy-duty construction and the quality of its components mean that I spend more time machining and less time tinkering or repairing. The induction-hardened and ground bed ways are holding up well against the daily rigors of our shop, showing little to no signs of wear.

Reliability and Long-Term Performance

From a reliability standpoint, this lathe has exceeded my expectations. It’s robust enough to handle long hours of operation without significant wear and tear. The machine’s construction speaks to JET’s commitment to quality—everything from the ground bed ways to the precision of the tailstock has been designed with long-term durability in mind. This is crucial for us, as the cost of downtime can be high, not just in terms of repairs but also in lost productivity.

Purchasing Experience from Beaver Industrial Supply

The purchase of the JET 321894 GH-26120ZH Lathe from Beaver Industrial Supply added to the positive experience. Their expert advice, prompt service, and excellent post-purchase support highlighted their commitment to customer satisfaction, making the acquisition of this lathe a wise and fruitful decision.

JET 321894 GH-26120ZH Lathe with Newall DP700 DRO and Taper Attachment Overview

The JET 321894 GH-26120ZH Lathe represents a pinnacle of precision and reliability, ideal for professionals in the manufacturing and engineering sectors who demand high performance and durability from their equipment. Featuring an array of robust features such as a 4-1/8” spindle bore, clutch-operated headstock, and an all-encompassing universal gearbox, this lathe is designed to handle a wide range of machining tasks with ease and efficiency. Additionally, the inclusion of the Newall DP700 Digital Readout (DRO) and a taper attachment enhances its functionality, making it an even more valuable asset in a high-output production environment.

Comprehensive Design and Build Quality

The core of the GH-26120ZH’s superior design lies in its sturdy construction and thoughtful engineering. With a swing over bed of 26 inches and a distance between centers of 120 inches, this machine can accommodate substantial workpieces, making it suitable for both small and large-scale projects. The bed ways are induction hardened and ground, ensuring long-term durability and resistance to wear, which is crucial for maintaining accuracy over years of heavy use.

The lathe’s headstock is noteworthy for its clutch operation, allowing for smoother transitions and better control of machining processes. All gears within the headstock are hardened and ground, which not only enhances their longevity but also ensures quiet operation. This is complemented by the lathe’s heavy-duty tailstock and quill, which provide stable and precise support to the workpiece during machining.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Usability

One of the standout features of the GH-26120ZH is its rapid power traverse to the cross slide and carriage. This allows for quick movement across the machine, saving time and improving efficiency during repetitive or complex tasks. The lathe also includes a traveling splash guard, which helps to maintain a clean and safe working environment by containing chips and coolant.

The machine’s versatility is further enhanced by the inclusion of both inch and metric threading capabilities, thanks to the sophisticated headstock gearbox design. This feature allows operators to easily switch between different threading modes, accommodating a variety of production requirements without the need for extensive reconfiguration.

Digital Precision and Supportive Accessories

The Newall DP700 DRO is a critical addition that elevates the lathe’s capability by providing precise digital feedback on the tool’s position at all times. This reduces the potential for errors and increases the repeatability of cuts, crucial for high-quality production runs. The taper attachment further enhances the machine’s versatility, allowing for the easy machining of conical shapes and reducing setup times for specialized tasks.

Standard equipment that comes with the GH-26120ZH includes a 4-way toolpost, a 12″ 3-jaw direct-mounted scroll chuck with jaws, a 16″ 4-jaw chuck, faceplate, two steady rests, a follow rest, and a halogen work lamp. This comprehensive suite of accessories ensures that users can start on a variety of projects immediately after setup.


The lathe operates with 12 different spindle speeds ranging from 36 to 1600 RPM, providing the flexibility needed to work with a wide range of materials and cutting conditions. The motor, a robust 10 HP unit, offers the torque needed for heavy-duty cutting tasks, while the geared head drive ensures consistent power delivery and minimal maintenance.

Pros and Cons of the JET 321894 GH-26120ZH Lathe


  • 4-1/8″ Spindle Bore: Accommodates larger workpieces, enhancing the machine’s versatility.
  • Clutch Operated Headstock: Allows smooth transitions and better control of machining processes.
  • Heavy-Duty Tailstock and Quill: Provides stable and precise support during machining.
  • Rapid Power Traverse: Enhances productivity by facilitating quick movements across the machine.
  • Traveling Splash Guard: Maintains a clean working area by containing chips and coolant.
  • Newall DP700 Digital Readout: Offers precise digital feedback, improving accuracy and efficiency.
  • Taper Attachment: Enables easy machining of tapered objects, expanding operational capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Threading Capabilities: Includes both inch and metric threading, increasing flexibility.
  • Multiple Chucks and Toolposts: Comes equipped with a variety of chucks and a 4-way toolpost, ready for various tasks.
  • Halogen Work Lamp: Provides bright, focused lighting for detailed work.


  • Size and Weight: At over 9,300 pounds and with large dimensions, it requires significant space and a sturdy foundation.
  • Complexity for Beginners: The range of features and adjustments might be overwhelming for new machinists.
  • Cost: As a high-end lathe, it represents a significant investment, which might not be feasible for smaller shops or hobbyists.
  • Electricity Consumption: The powerful 10 HP motor and other features can lead to high energy consumption.
  • Specialized Maintenance: While generally reliable, the lathe may require specialized maintenance that can be costly if not covered under warranty.

Practical Applications

The versatility of the JET GH-26120ZH Lathe makes it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. It is particularly adept at handling large, long, or heavy workpieces commonly found in the aerospace, automotive, and shipbuilding industries. The ability to switch between inch and metric threading is a valuable feature for shops that operate in a global marketplace and need to meet diverse specifications.

Moreover, the taper attachment included with the lathe is especially useful for creating precise conical parts, such as those used in automotive axles and hydraulic components. The steadiness of the carriage and the precision of the DRO system combine to ensure that even the most complex shapes are turned to precise dimensions

JET 321894 GH-26120ZH Lathe Specifications

Size26 x 120
Digital ReadoutNewall DP700
AccessoryTaper Attachment
Swing Over Bed (In.)26
Swing Over Cross Slide (In.)16-1/2
Swing Through Gap (In.)34
Length of Gap (In.)8
Distance Between Centers (In.)120
Spindle Bore (In.)4-1/8
Spindle MountD1-8
Spindle Taper with SleeveMT-5
Number of Spindle Speeds12
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM)36 – 1,600
Number of Longitudinal and Cross Feed Rates65
Range of Longitudinal Feeds (IPR).0023 – .0937
Range of Cross Feeds (IPR).0040 – .0404
Number of Inch Threads48
Range of Inch Threads (TPI)2-30
Number of Metric Threads22
Range of Metric Threads1 – 14
Max Tool Size (In.)1-1/4 x 1-1/4
Compound Slide Travel (In.)5-1/2
Cross Slide Travel (In.)12-3/32
Carriage Travel (In.)108-1/4
Tailstock Spindle Travel (In.)6
Taper in Tailstock SpindleMT-5
Follow Rest Capacity (In.)25/32 – 3-15/16
Steady Rest Capacity (In.)Small 25/32 – 4-29/32, Large 3-15/16 – 9-7/16
Width of Bed (In.)16
Motor (HP)10 HP, 230/460, 3 Ph
Prewired (V.)230
Weight (Lbs.)9,362
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (In.)178 x 43 x 57
DriveGeared Head
Style (Type)Engine – Large Spindle Bore

Maintenance and Longevity

The durability of the JET GH-26120ZH Lathe is supported by its robust design, but maintenance plays a crucial role in ensuring its longevity. The lathe’s easy-to-access components make routine maintenance straightforward. Regular lubrication of the bed ways and gears, as well as periodic checks of the electrical components and alignments, are essential to keep the machine in optimal working condition. Additionally, the induction-hardened bed ways are less prone to wear, reducing the frequency and cost of replacements.

The machine’s heavy-duty construction is particularly suited to withstand the rigors of continuous industrial use without degradation in performance. The quality of materials used in the construction of critical components such as the spindle, chuck, and tailstock ensures that the lathe can handle heavy loads and high-speed operations without undue stress.

Reliability and Warranty

Backed by JET’s industry-leading two-year warranty, the GH-26120ZH lathe offers peace of mind to its users. The warranty and support services provided ensure that any issues are quickly resolved, minimizing downtime and ensuring continual operation. The network of authorized service centers across the United States underscores JET’s commitment to customer satisfaction and support.


The JET 321894 GH-26120ZH Lathe with Newall DP700 DRO and taper attachment is a standout machine that offers precision, efficiency, and versatility. It is a solid investment for anyone serious about elevating their machining capabilities. Based on its robust design, advanced features, and the positive purchasing experience from Beaver Industrial Supply, this lathe comes highly recommended, albeit with a gentle endorsement focused on its tangible benefits and broad use cases.

This machine not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern machining tasks, proving itself as an invaluable tool in the industrial landscape.

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